Art dealing with the humanitarian crisis, refugees at the borders, trying to get into the promised land. And as usual with war for oil and profits and the refuges literary drowning in a sea off commercial interest. A tragedy of Biblical proportions for Europe and the United States of America and the planet that is already under decay through climate change. .I feel strongly one need as an artist also to address this in art. As art always is a mirror of reality and the reality right now is harsh and cold and the planet on the brink of total collapse. The question is are we facing a new Holocaust ? Saying that, should we open all borders? All over the plane ? Are we one or are we always divided. I thought GOD created us all Equal. Who is  less worthy of life and future ? who are the real deplorables.  Are we all blind for what is happening ? or do we just choose to look the other way. Thomas Dellert