We can all be Heroes just for one day.
An artist like David Bowie has an impact on a whole world
and consequently has many followers or other artists who get inspired by the power and genius of such artists like David Bowie, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, or Marilyn Monroe. We can see how the evolution of art music and movies has continued and in many cases recreated itself again and again. And like in Warhols copy art a Copy becomes a copy , becomes a copy, and so on. I'm an original but still partly a copy like many of us. So I’m no exception to this rule. To the contrary I have all my life been inspired by men like Bowie,Sinatra and Warhol. Not that I tried to imitate Bowie in his personal style or in his music, Not at all. But I can see when I look at the photos from my own private life , my career as a singer and actor how much I actually without really understanding it fell under his spell and some of his characteristics became mine with time. Not that any of the photos compared here in this funny exhibition was directly copied. That one can understand as they represent a life of 60 years. To be totally honest I had Not seen most of the Bowie photos used here, then at the time only now when I did some research. And Its after a long life I now see that we actually looked similar in many ways during our Parallel lives. Remember we came from the same generation and grew up with very similar inspirations. We must have seen the same movies, loved the same artist and songs, and as we both where strong narcissists we developed these personas , the ones we now with a distance of a lifetime can see as funny coincidences.
We both also have enjoyed being singers songwriters, actors, painters and poets.
I’m not claiming that I will ever be close to what Bowie was as a performer or song writer and what he did was naturally totally unique , but its funny to see how one can be colored of a master, without knowing it. Through space. I’m grateful to have met Bowie two times in my life. First on a private dinner in the company of Iggy Pop at Alexandra’s Night Club in the 1970’s and later in life at Circus in Stockholm when he came to play with his band Thin Machine at the same theater I was playing Les Miserable in. He had a strong charisma and naturally dominated the room he was in like the king he was. The culture in our part of the world have become a more empty now when he will no longer continue to lead us with his art. David Bowie was the greatest Rock Star ever and also a great actor and trendsetters and also a painter in his own right. And like in his own song Heroes, he lived and died, and showed us all we can be Heroes if not, just for one day.
Thomas Dellert aka Tommy Dollar

MUSIC : David Bowie Space Symphonic : Space Oddity and Life on Mars