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Thomas Dellert-Bergh also known as Thomas Dellacroix and Tommy Dollar  a name given to him by American Pop artist Andy Warhol (born 12 July 1963) is a Swedish multimedia artist, photographer,painter,actor,singer,songwriter, poet,film maker, director, fashion designer, and interior decorator.

As a contemporary art photographer, he has had as well over 50 international exhibits in museums and galleries, as many international art photography magazine covers, and extensive reportage.[9]
Photo Scandinavia did the biggest single reportage in the history of the magazine since its start, when on 11 pages, they showed 48 pictures of Dellacroix & Dellfina.
"Self-portraits have practically existed since the beginning of art, but to do "self-portraits of others" it seems to be something that Dellacroix and Dellfina are quite alone with on the artistic scene. Contemporary, it feels both visually and meaningfully wise. It is an art form on the borderline between reality and illusion."[13] Jan Almlöf, editor in chief of PHOTO (Foto) Scandinavia
As a contemporar,provocative art photographer he has worked under the name of Dellacroix in symbiosis with former wife and partner Agnieszka Dellert-Dellfina between 2001 to 2012 when they divorced and went separate ways . He has also collaborated with photographer Ellen von Unwerth, photographer Bruno Ehrs photographer Raphael Yoshitomi photographer Philipp Mueller and Artist Rainer Laakso and Balthazar Silviera.
He now lives and work with Ruby Vava Venezia since 2013.


He has had over 100 International exhibitions during the last 30 years. He is represented in collections like The Absolut Vodka Collection, The Heinz collection the Swedish Royal family Collection,and in several museums, like the . He has ben the official artist for both Absolut Vodka and Mercedes Benz. Death and fame is a central theme in Dellert's works, and he uses irony and humor mixed with horror as one of his main tools. His work has a strong, humanistic approach,and he uses powerful images to show the horrors of war and genocide.[3][4][5] He warns about all fanatical, racial and fundamentalistic thinking in his art. After meeting Andy Warhol in 1976 he made a series of hand printed silk screens in collaboration with his childhood friends Bruno Ehrs and Rainer Laakso. This art prints was presented to Warhol in his Factory in new York in 1980. A well documented event. He inspired Warhol with his camouflage prints that later became Warhols own art expression.The same happened with artist Jean Michel Basquiat who visited Dellert's exhibit in New York 1982. All paintings by Dellert was then framed with ropes in larger then canvas wood frames. After the exhibit Thomas left all frames on the street outside the art gallery on St Marx Place a few meters away from the home of Basquiat. He brought them home and this new framing technique became his trade mark.
Dellert works with painting, collage, photography, installation,video,hand printed silk screen,and junk sculpture.

Art critic and historian Jonas Stampe writes in the book Reality and Illusion in 2006 that "Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix got to know Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring in New York in the 1980's. Before that in 1976 he had become friend with Andy Warhol who gave him the nickname "Tommy Dollar" because of his fascination for everything of American value at the time. The artistic exchange was mutual. Warhol got inspired by Thomas Dellert's camouflage silk screens and later did his own series of camouflage prints."[14]And came to the conclusion that "Jean Michel Basquiat let himself be inspired by Thomas' way of stretching his canvases with ropes and in wood frames that crossed each other in the corners that Thomas used for his exhibit in New York in 1982 at the Lucky Strike Gallery in collaboration with Rainer Laakso. (...)To discover an artist like Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix is not only exciting, it is surprising. Indeed, it is unbelievable that this Swedish artist has not yet been more appreciated in his homeland. The Swedish black hole is frightening. When he himself writes about his fascination for "the gap between fame and misfortune", I immediately think about his own artistry, but naturally also about so many other artists that did not get discovered. To pass by an artist like Dellert-Dellacroix is difficult. It is absolutely clear that he is one of the most interesting Swedish artist we have today. Probably he will become one of the more well known Swedish artist on the international art scene. Not only because his works touch us, or are artistically expressive or because they talk to us about our epoch and future. But mostly because they shine of that courage that carries art and life forward."
The American art critic John Orr wrote in the Miami chronicle 1986 after the exhibition at the James Baker Gallery in West Palm Beach USA: "This young man who is all truth and every fiber a passionate artist, I took him to see the Rauschenberg exhibition at Helander Gallery, for this is one of his mentors. I shall review this exhibition soon, but upon my first glance his pictures and collages seemed to contain a very gentle beauty that made "my rebel" Dellert appear as a Titan by comparison. Perhaps age is creeping upon me too quickly. I handed this meteor over to Bruce Helander and as I drove away I felt spent and weary, incapable and sterile. The little energy that remained within me was drained with humble admiration for an almost unknown artist whose place in the history of art is already reserved and waiting for him."[16]

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As an actor he has worked with the Swedish legendary stage and film director Ingmar Bergman
He has worked as an actor on the Royal Dramatic Theatre,The Royal Court Theatre, RiksTheatre tour, Swedish Television, Swedish Radio,etc
he also has over 50 short films to his credit.

He got in touch with the punk movement in 1975, while living in London. In 1977, Tommy Dollar got close to the members of the Sex Pistols, and later took care of when they came to Stockholm.[9] Then, he had already opened his Punk Gallery "Suicide" in the old town, Stockholm, with a mix of art galleries for punk expressions and a store for hand-made designed arty punk clothes by Tommy Dollar . At the same time, he started one of the first punk bands in Stockholm under the name of "Tommy Dollar & The Resistance", a short-lasting affair. He was portrayed in the cult movie PUNK a Kick in the as by the director and playwright Stig Larsson.[10]
He later hung out with the Sex Pistols in Paris, France, and one night was almost killed accidentally by Sid Vicious, the former bass player of the band.

As a vintage jazz "Crooner" he has as performed in legendary venues like Club St German, La Bilboquet, and Chez Maxims in Paris, France as in the trendy New York club Nell's, and the legendary Cabaret Club, and the Torture Garden (fetish club), all placed in London. He has recently been performing the American Songbook in citys like Berlin, and Vinice and Miami.

He started his music career as Pontius Pilate in the rock musical Jesus Christ Superstar Pop Rock in Stockholm in an early version in 1970. In 1973 he performed in the first drag shows and neo cabarets in Stockholm like the legendary Club Alexandras Eccentric Cabaret.
This is where he made his first Sinatra tributes on stage.
He was one of the original Punk Rockers in London in 1975 and toured with the Sex Pistols and later became the lead singer of his own Punk band The Resistance.
In the later seventies he toured with the Musical two for the Se-saw all over Scandinavia.
In 1981 he did the costumes for the cult Musical The Rocky Horror Show in Gothenburg and in 1983 he was the Director and narrator of the same musical at the China Theatre'' in Stockholm in a star studded cast. He also played the principal part of Gerald Bollingbroke in the musical Me and My Girl at Intiman in Stockholm. Thomas has also worked for Cameron Mackintosh several times. He sang the parts of Grantaire, Bamatabois, as well as Javert in the Swedish original cast version of the musical Les Misérables. [8] This was also made into both a record and a TV program. He has also recorded the Phantom of the Opera and in the German Stuttgart production of Miss Saigon he sang the principal part of the Engineer.He also sings Cabaret and Sunset Boulevard.
As the Jazz singer and vintage crooner Tommy D he has performed around the world in jazz clubs and other venues singing the repertoire of Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and Kurt Weill.He has recently done the final mix on his Swedish jazz album "Resan hem " the journey home. With 50 of the best musicians in Scandinavia. In 2013 He directed and performed in his own Berlin Cabaret in The Berlin Art Loft in Wedding.

Thomas Dellert was born in Stockholm. His mother Kjerstin Dellert [11]  1925 - 2018 was at the time a famous jazz singer, and later a famous opera star and also a pop singer and actress. Later in life she became the director and re creator of the Royal Court Theatre "Confidencen" in Ulriksdal Sweden.One of the oldest Baroque Theaters in the world.
Thomas has been married two times have two sons Oscar Lazer teacher and actor and August Neon photographer.
He has created his home UTOPIA in the following city's. London, Paris, New York, Berlin ,Venice Miami.

Around 100 exhibitions took place around the globe from 1981-2017
in city's like New York , Berlin. Miami, Paris, London,Warsaw, Washington,Madrid,Barcelona, Palm Beach ,Venice, Malmö, Gothenburg and Stockholm…


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