SEX-ploration HOTEL

a funny fetish fantasy

It's past midnight, we are in yet another hotel room in a city with no name. One can hear the night traffic on the avenue below, the CNN news on a screamingTV in the next room , competing with the broken air condition, from an era gone by, breathing like a lung sick patient getting his last rights. We are both dressed in nothing more than our fantasy, the darkest night and the brightest passion of two lost souls in a city of indifference. We are modern lovers, part plastic and rubber, part naked white flesh, part wild animals.Tied up in a kind of mental bondage.Our bodies are longing for intimacy and exploration. Our minds are set on giving and receiving. We are at that moment neither man nor woman, just predators and easy pray.The hotel room is lit up by the broken neon light sign entering through a window like through a camera lens. We are posing in the red-light district for ourselves in the mirror of our own eccentricity. We are mannequins, we are robots, naive like innocent children and jet we are like prostitutes for pleasure. Dressed to kill, all in competition with ourselves. Wearing stiletto high heeled shoes, fully fashioned seamed stockings and metal suspenders, dangerous leather boots and pink and purple furs. But , It’s not a masquerade, not a school play, not a fashion shoot. No. It's a desperate cry for Love and compassion in a world of war and atrocities, injustice, or crimes of pandemics and of starvation.We are also starving, but for attention. We might be dressed for love but we are naked inside. Venerable. We are the fiction heroes, the last survivors, we are the human shields, the pink Love machines of the rainbow coalition.The Helmut Newton wannabe models. Doomsday boy and Domesday girl. We throw ourselves into each other's nights like kamikaze pilots from a lost army of lovers. We are now embracing the universe, and eternity. Our bodies convult into a spastic death dance, an epileptic love song, and the room is suddenly lit up by ten thousand volts of pure love and sex. An eternity of a second later we lie motionless, next to one another and next to our unrecognisable human shells. Our skins are burning, our hearts beating, and our minds are blown away like paper dragons without an inside, empty like an erased hard-drive. But we have managed to break out from our self created jails. If not only for a second. We are now free from all our daily fears, we embrace one another and the universe, with tenderness. Eyes closed, hearts open. And tomorrow we will wake up like nothing has happened, and go back to our slave personalities, for that is what the new world order expect of us. To play our parts in the big set up the prologue to the big sleep, the commercial apocalypse.The beginning of the End and the end of the Beginning. But in our hearts we will be able to keep the Intimacy we shared like a seed of Love to bloom again another spring, another night another time and in another place. After all, we are still humans longing for eternal Love. Thomas Dellert
All characters and all photography created by
Thomas Dellert and Vava Venezia Dellert .

Thomas Dellert and Vava Venezia.