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Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix also known as Tommy Dollar
Is a multi talented artist. Educated as an actor, director and singer turned visual artist.
CV 2022
Thomas Dellert-Bergh also known as Thomas Dellacroix and Tommy Dollar
a name given to him by American Pop artist Andy Warhol in New York 1980 when Thomas did some hand printed silk screens for Warhol.
(born 12 July 1963) is a Swedish multimedia artist, photographer, painter, actor, singer, songwriter,
poet, film maker, director, fashion designer (with his own Ready to wear Line )
and also a theatre set designer and interior decorator.

He has lived a longer time and worked with his art and music in the following cities during his last 50 years
Stockholm, Paris, London, New York, Stuttgart, Barcelona, Warsaw, Berlin, Venice, Nice, Saint Paul de Vance, Miami, Milano, Berlin , Luckenwalde. He is now since 2021 stationed in the city of Art, Florence Italy.

As a contemporary art photographer, he has had over 200 international exhibits in museums and galleries, as many international art photography magazine covers, and extensive reportage.
Photo Scandinavia did the biggest single reportage in the history of the magazine since its start, when on 11 pages, they showed 48 pictures of DELLERT - Dellacroix & Dellfina.
"Self-portraits have practically existed since the beginning of art, but to do "self-portraits of others" it seems to be something that Dellacroix and Dellfina are quite alone with on the artistic scene. Contemporary, it feels both visually and meaningfully wise. It is an art form on the borderline between reality and illusion."
Jan Almlöf, editor in chief of PHOTO (Foto) Scandinavia
As a contemporary, provocative art photographer he has worked under the name of Dellacroix in symbiosis with former wife and partner Agnieszka Dellert-Dellfina between 2001 to 2012 when they divorced and went separate ways .
He has also collaborated with photographer Ellen von Unwerth, photographer Bruno Ehrs, photographer Raphael Yoshitomi, photographer Philipp Mueller.

He now lives and works with Artist , Photographer and Journalist, Vava Venezia since 2013.

Dellert worked, inspired, and photographed eventful times with, Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, Jean Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol among hundreds of legends and historical icons he has met and socialized with through his life.From Movie stars to Rock stars , Royalties and Presidents to villens. Jean Michel Basquiat got inspired by Dellert to do his frames with ropes, a style he is today remembered for. Warhol got his colorful Camouflage idea from Dellert in 1980 and gave him the nickname Tommy Dollar, because the young Swede could not hide his fascination for the American way of life in NY. Then he went to London, more precisely to Chelsea. It was there that Dellert became one of the original London Punk Rockers and took part in the early development of this anarchistic and dada inspired movement with Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood. After Sid Vicious accidentally almost killed him with a knife in Paris, on one of his drug infuced moments Dellert brought punk to Sweden and opened the Suicide punk art gallery.
Nothing human was alien to him anymore and the abysses of being, the human being in revolt and the criticism of art and commerce became the determining themes of his multimedia works, rooted in Pop Art, which have meanwhile been shown in over a hundred exhibitions worldwide in cities like London, New York, Miami, Paris, Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Warsaw, and Venice, to mention a few, but less in his home country of Sweden. He is also featured in prestigious collections such as the Absolut Vodka Collection, the Heinz Collection or the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
Dellert has also been the official artist for Mercedes Benz and recently in 2020 chosen for the BLM Art Collection.
Dellert's art is not a nostalgic reprise. He lives and breathes in the now, without the tiresome attempt to defend an inheritance. His art is often breathtakingly strong in context and always fights for humanity and against all kinds of violence ,war and totalitarian thinking. His tools are usually “Satirical” in form and he uses the history of art isms as one of the colors on his palette.
The now sixty year old Dellert has always reinvented himself, always facing time and change. Always with the attitude of a rebel. Today he works with media like Photography, Painting, Installation, Video, Collage with objects, and art prints.
But he is alsoworking with music, stage performance, songwriting, acting, directing and fashion design.
Thomas Dellert has lived and had his now famous art studio Named “UTOPIA “ in cities like Paris, London, New York, and Berlin. He today lives like a nomad and moves wherever he finds inspiration. Currently pendeling between Germany and Italy.

His official Art web is and his photography can be found on

You can find his art during the Covid 19 pandemic on several online art galleries like SINGULART GALLERY



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THOMAS DELLERT-History in the making intro

“In my art I do not try to explore the spectra of artistic colors, nor the density between different materials or surfaces, and I find no interest in playing with perspective or form. My passion lays in a total different artistic expression -my fascination for the playfulness within trends and “isms”, and the gap between fame and misfortune. I tend to dive deep into the dark side of history and find my inspiration to express my fear of what might happen in the future by digging into the abyss of the past. Although my art often takes a recognizable form, it never strives to copy- to the contrary. After the first impression when coming across any of my works, you will find a playful and intellectual dialogue with different artists and art movements of the past. By using a well-known language of expression I bridge the familiar of the past with the unknown of the present.”

                                   Thomas Dellert in his own words

Already at age 10 he would make his first modern art paintings and collage, depicting war and atrocities . Being born only eight years after the end of WW2 Thomas was living in an after war atmosphere full of stories and war documentaries, he watched on one of the first TV sets in Sweden This would also become a great influence for his art form he today calls “ Documentarism '' Having heard the many stories from his grandmother who had lived through two world wars, and his grandfather who participated in the Berlin Olympics in 1936 he got interested in history and story telling. Thomas was also at an early age exposed to the first documentaries from the liberation of concentration camps and death camps like Dachau and Auschwitz. This would later become one of his main themes in his art and created a need to tell this story to future generations. He has worked on his “Shoah” art trying to tell the story of the holocaust for over 30 years. He was chosen to exhibit at the first Holocaust conference held at the Stockholm Culture house in … and in 2008 he had Auschwitz Birkenau closed down for one day to be able to make his short movie “Silent white hell “ In 2015 he had a large multimedia exhibit titled “ Stunde Null “ to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the and of WW 2 and the battle of Berlin and Hitler’s suicide in his bunker. This resulted in a series of portraits titled “Face of Evil “ using Adolf Hitler as the raw model for all kinds of evil in the world. He also exhibited another new series of works titled “ Deadly Logos “ based on the logos of world corporations that profited on WW2 and the Holocaust and that today are involved in the new evil of world terrorism.
Thomas' works are both satirical and informative in structure, and they carry with them both the awareness of the deep darkness in human nature as well as a shining light of hope for mankind.

What ART CRITICS is saying about Thomas Dellert Dellacroix

If there is any “leitmotif” that soaks through Dellert’s works -it is “History”, but not only the presence, but the whole 20th century from the Nazi genocide and the Holocaust, to the slaughter in Vietnam, the fall of Soviet Empire’s, the Berlin Wall, the massacre at the Tiananmen Square, the war against Iraq. Those are not easy topics to portray but art after all shouldn’t be about easy subjects. Many artists in history like Caravaggio, Rembrandt, Delacroix, Goya, and Picasso that we know so well were all stimulated by the image of war . Dellert manages to form these historical events into a personal reality.
Dellert’s oeuvres are full of outspoken humanistic motives inspired by his international surroundings and events that have formed, and Is ,forming all our lives
Neither literature nor art would have any meaning or reason of existence without human involvement.
In Dellert’s vast production, which excels from collage, installations, video art, hand printed silk-screens, photomontage, paintings to short films, and photography.
All the different series of works we look at represent a high level of artistic craftsmanship. But what makes these works so exciting and tantalising is the true energy that they transmit, which we observers immediately feel.