Killers in High Heels

Photography and Photo montage by Thomas Dellert in collaboration with Photographers Raphael Yoshitomi and Philipp Mueller Idea, story, sets, costume, props, post production by Thomas Dellert Make up by Kevin Shala

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This is an ironic story of an artist who gets murdered over and over again by a woman in the shape of several women. He gets poisoned, shot, stabbed in the back, drowned, and suffocated. But he always returns the next day, to face it all again.

The sets are created to resemble images from fashion magazines, and the references to Jesus Christ, The Great Gatsby or Gianni Versace are intentionally humorous.
The artist Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix pay with his life for love, but comes back to take his revenge.

For the artist to be present in his own fantasy images he has chosen to collaborate with other photographers, in this case Raphael Yoshitomi and Philipp Mueller.

Idea, sets, costumes, and post production by Thomas Dellert
Extra post production assistance by
Antonia Valentina

Models: Elizabeth Ehrlich, Louise de Ville, Hana Masaki, Charley Smith, Trisha Lopez and Daisy Lovelace.

Makeup by Kevin Shala

Limited signed prints on aluminium and Plexiglas, or on high quality photo paper
by order only.