Self Portraits of others - Part two

Photography Actor and artist Thomas Dellert photographed by Agnieszka Dellert-Dellfina in collaboration with Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix as part of D&D for the project Self Portraits of others. 2001-2009 Photos by order only Limited edition Signed and numbered

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The history of art is a story of reinvention, and if Frida Kahlo or Warhol invented the wheel, it is definitely a part of the car D&D are driving. There are several artists in the world who have touched upon similar issues, among them Cindy Sherman, who D&D are sometimes compared to. The difference lies in the fact that Sherman photographs herself as different personalities in order to explore the different physical aspects of a stereotype, whereas D&D go a step further by using a renown image to create a new psychological portrait of the person in question. So as much as Sherman explores the outside D&D explore the inside.

Barbara Cohen-Berg, freelance art critic

D&D are very devoted to their form of expression that should be understood as a metaphysical, conscious and balanced dualism.

Barbara Cohen-Berg, freelance art critic

„If the term „multimedia-artists“ exists,
that’s exactly what they both are.
The palette of their abilities is literarily enormous. “

Jan Almlöf, editor in chief of FOTO Scandinavia

D&D put a lot of attention to meaning and consciousness. Moreover unlike other artists from the same family who have chosen a burlesque and grotesque way of expression, D&D have decided to go against this present current. They believe that contemporary art does not have to be ugly to be serious. “We are not scared of beauty”, they say. “In times of fashion, kitsch and advertisement it is a difficult balance, but not an impossible one.

Barbara Cohen-Berg, freelance art critic

Self-portraits have practically existed since
the beginning of art, but to do “self-portraits of others”
must be something Dellacroix and Dellfina
are quite alone with on the artistic scene.
It feels contemporary both visually and meaning wise.
It is an art form on the borderline between
reality and illusion.”

Jan Almlöf, editor in chief of FOTO Scandinavia

“They have done just about everything one can do
in the arts and still have mountains of ideas to explore
and energy to spend.”

Barbara Oudiz, EYEMAZING magazine

“To pass by an artist like Dellacroix is difficult.
It is absolutely clear that he is one of the most interesting Swedish artist we have today.
Probably he will become one of the most well known Swedish artist on the international art scene.”

Art critic and Curator Jonas Stampe

While looking on D&D’s art, it is important to understand that their bodies and personalities, as well as the historical events they play with, are like colors on their contemporary palette.

Barbara Cohen-Berg, freelance art critic