“Life and Death are both illusions”
Portraits of my dear friend and artistic collaborator Curtis Jones
These are a series of portraits I shot of my friend in Paris
while we were rehearsing a Jazz gig we had later that week in St Germain.
He posed with the original 1950s microphone that once had belonged to Elvis Presley and of course with his cigarette, dressed in a golden metal outfit he had designed for himself. “My protection against death,” he told me.
Curtis was as witty and Gay as Oscar Wild, as cool as Miles Davis, as depending on drugs as Jimi Hendrix , talented as few, a free spirit in the true meaning of the word and crazy enough to be a real artist. Curtis was a singer, a composer, a dancer, a designer, a rapper , an actor and a spokesperson for free sex. Music and drugs was what kept him going and that together with Aids killed him in the end. One of the last things he said to me before he left for Prague was “ Tommy I'll see you in the stars darling, we belong there “
He died exhausted and burned out on June 11- 2009.
V.I.P. - R.I.P.

Second part

From Punk and Anrachy Revolution to Sexual LGBTQ Revolution
My portraits about life and death includes some from my years as a photographer for Torture Garden Fetish Club in London.
They show a colourful kalejdoskop of seemingly average people who, like CIN-derella or Dracula, are being TRANS-formed at the stroke of midnight to become their own “Fetish Fantasy Creatures of the Night.”
Punk Rockers of 75. Portraits of my friends Sid Vicious and Johnny Rotten I took back in the mid 1970s when I was one of the original London Punk Rockers and toured with the Sex Pistols. Rottens lifestyle has deformed him so much, so he is today unrecognisable.
And Sid Vicious would come to kill his girlfriend Nancy in the legendary “Warholian” Chelsea Hotel in New York , and died of an overdose a few weeks later. Instant Karma.
If life and death are both illusions, well then we are really living in the Matrix. What pill to choose ? The Red or the Blue ?
Thomas Dellert