Polarizations is enlarged Polaroid photos as " Instant art" made from using Polaroid Cameras in a Warhol tradition. Thomas Dellert's mentor and inspiration Andy Warhol met first in 1976 and later became friends and borrowed ideas from one another. Thomas "Camouflage prints" became one of Warhols own expressions. And Thomas was more at the time inspired of the life of Andy than his art. Never the less he made a series of hand printed silkscreens for Warhol in 1980. It was at this time in New York Andy gave Thomas the nickname “ Tommy Dollar” for his fascination of all American values like “Big and Expensive “ and therefore valuable. They went to parties at Studio 54, Area and Palladium and to Le Palace in Paris. Andy had his wig and Thomas his hope. 30 years later Mr Dollar played the tragic drag queen "Dominique Tragique " and also made a series of Warhol imitations with love and satire, and the hit song " Andy Dandy " And when Andy in 1978 told Thomas to move into Chelsea Hotel, he did and lived there for a while with a large rat. Later his Punk friend from London Sid Vicious of the Sex Pistols killed his girlfriend Nancy in the room next door. And died of an overdose soon after . "Instant "Karma.

The Andy Year 2019


Words Tommy Dollar 2019

Dollars, Coke, and Campbell’s cans aren’t we all true Warhol fans

Elvis, Monroe Liz and Jackie  all were muses weren’t they lucky

Glamour diamonds made of plastic  being famous is fantastic

A.N.D.Y D.A.N.D.Y       A.N.D.Y D.A.N.D.Y

In his Factory of dreams  nothing’s really what it seams

Fantasies where turned to gold  Images where bought and sold

Fifteen minutes of world fame  and you never be the same

A.N.D.Y D.A.N.D.Y      A.N.D.Y D.A.N.D.Y

In the Chelsea Hotel the sex was as hard
as living in the city

Ziggy Stardust , Candy Darling  Edie Sedgwick
O’ Soo pretty

Brigid Berlin, Diane Brill, and  Billy Name,
all where looking for their fame

Paul America, Tommy Dollar and Penny Arcade ,
all  where smiling , hoping to be made

 A.N.D.Y D.A.N.D.Y      A.N.D.Y D.A.N.D.Y

(Rap Section)
The lights went on for Warhol’s Show
Everyone a Marilyn Monroe
From A to B and back again,
all glamour girls where really men
The cameras they where on forever
the stars they knew its now or never

 A.N.D.Y D.A.N.D.Y      A.N.D.Y D.A.N.D.Y

There was Velvet Underground  with there psychedelic sound

Viva, Nico, Ultra Violet  and Lou Reed the spaceship’s pilot

Sex and drugs and loads of fun  then Valerie brought out here gun

Death was knocking on his door  the show went on at 54

Bianca, Liza, Steve Rubell  Heaven’s angel’s sang in hell

Disco dance the night away  Andy Warhol’s here to stay