We all come from ponds of water-creating life.

We are all water.

I am water, you are water.

The sea is our natural environment and our only future.

We all dream of diving into to sea of love, but most of us have to survive swimming in the deep stormy sea of everyday life.

And in the End we will all be consumed by the waves of time.

We see only our mirror’s reflection on the surface of the water. It blurs our vision. We feel we are a part of nature’s patterns and basic structure, yet we are aliens and have come to earth as the destroyers not the creators.

We have mastered the element of fire and made it our slave. We have raped the earth and polluted the sky. But we have still not concurred the deep seas that hold the only rescue for the living creatures walking and crawling on the face of earth.

We are now soon facing the sea of inhalation and the tsunami of destruction. The rivers are turning blood red; the fish are committing mass suicide by swimming up on the shores. The sea level is rising with an accelerating speed as the ice is breaking and melting into the arctic sea.

What can we do other than pray and walk along the razor-sharp shoreline of eternity?

We all know that it is most beautiful at sun set and that the night will be dark but not frightening.

We can sleep and wake up to a new world; just like birth is a scream and death is a dream, our journey on earth is the bridge in-between.

When we stand on the beach of life looking out over the ocean, we want to think it’s endless because it looks so. But it’s not; it’s an illusion like so many things in life.

This new series of mixed media paintings on canvas are based on a few newly discovered old negatives found in a thrift store.

They depict a woman during sunset who is walking halfway into the ocean wearing a beautiful dress. The woman is as unknown as the photographer or when and where they photos where taken. It looks like they have been taken in the late 1940s and maybe the woman was embracing the sea that took her loved one. Or is she contemplating to end her early life and exchange it for a journey into the ocean?

The images carry with them a magical, sunlit vision of the end of times and are strongly symbolic for our present.

-Thomas Dellert